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Our Services

Kaeding Development Group specializes in four key areas: development & management, investment, construction, and hospitality management. We focus on enhancing residential living standards in growing areas, offer diverse real estate investment opportunities, maintain rigorous construction management standards for our properties, and manage a portfolio of 10 hotels in partnership with Compass45 Hospitality, showcasing excellence in service and operational efficiency. Each sector demonstrates our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative growth in the real estate and hospitality industries.


Kaeding powers an investment group, Auor Capital which uniquely opens offerings for both accredited & non-accredited seeking to invest. Auor fights the notion that you have to be a ‘millionaire’ to qualify for commercial real estate returns. We’re breaking down the barriers, so you can starting your real estate investment journey today! 


Learn more about our management affiliate and their award winning hospitality management services

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